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J. C. Kennedy

J. C. Kennedy

“His good judgment and vision for the future of our state and nation are among the many personal qualities about him which I admire…he cares so much for others…”
David L. Boren


Oklahoma native John Clifford Kennedy served two decades as Chairman of the board of directors of Lawton’s Security National Bank and Trust Company. For much of his life he operated a real estate and property insurance firm established by his father and uncle in 1906. During his tenure as Chairman of the Oklahoma Transportation Commission, the Commission developed a long-range, comprehensive highway program in which the federal government ultimately approved the extension of Interstate 44 from Oklahoma City to Wichita Falls, Texas. His most distinguished service to America began in 1977 when U.S. President Jimmy Carter appointed him as a delegate to the United Nations. He was also instrumental in the establishment and expansion of Goodwill Industries across southwestern Oklahoma.

Fun fact

J.C. Kennedy was regarded as “the No. 1 Oklahoman” in President Jimmy Carter’s administration and often ate lunch “at the mess” in the basement of the White House.

Oklahoma connections

Kennedy was born in Lawton, Oklahoma.








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