Vida Oklahoma

Featuring large-scale works of art by Carlos Barboza and ceramic vessels created by Issac Diaz, this exhibit explores identiy and experiences of LatinX Artists in Oklahoma.

Open date

June 25, 2022

Close date

August 27, 2022

Exhibit type

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This exhibit explores themes of identity and experiences of LatinX artists. Their works express different histories and cultures that contribute to the diverse population of Oklahoma. Carlos Barboza paints large-scale works of art and is most known for his colorful murals featuring key figures in history and pop culture. Isaac Diaz creates ceramic vessels inspired by history and ancestral connections. Co-curated by Narciso Arguelles and Mattie Barlow.

Carlos Barboza

Born in San Jose, Costa Rica, Carlos Barboza has been dedicated to the visual arts from a very early age. Beginning with caricature lesson and a healthy obsession with movies, Barboza's artwork has always been character-driven and inspired by cinematic imagery. From digital illustrations to mural painting, Barboza is constantly evolving as an artist. He pushes himself to go beyond what's possible stylistically and technically, while nevertheless maintaining what he believes is the most important value: emotionally-driven storytelling.

Isaac Diaz

Born and raised in Oklahoma City, Isaac Diaz creates works influenced by nature, history, and his Salvadoran roots. In 2021, he graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a BFA in Ceramics and Sculpture. Whether sculpting or learning how to make paper, Diaz strives to make art that makes peopel feel seen, particularly the LatinX community. Diaz, whos parternal grandmother is Nahua-Pipil, a major indigenous group in El Salvador, feels a responsibility to research and continue traditions of his ancestors. He draws from their past works, elements of connection with each other, and connection to the earth.

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