Reflection Symmetry

This exhibit features works of art from Lawrence Naff and Jason Wilson. The artworks of Naff and Wilson featured in this exhibit illustrate the intersection of mathematics and art.

Open date

January 10, 2023

Close date

March 25, 2023

Exhibit type

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Lawrence Naff constructs intricate mosaics of crystal rhinestones and gemstones. The works shift and shimmer in the light, mesmerizing the viewer. Jason Wilson creates meticulously planned out patterns on canvas with special formulates acrylics. Carefully calculated, his designs are fluid and depict the illusion of infinite repetition. The artworks of Naff and Wilson featured in this exhibit illustrate the intersection of mathematics and art.

As an IT professional, Naff has access to a supply of computer components which he incorporates into much of his work. The juxtaposition of manmade and natural components question if technology and nature are as separate as we assume.

Lawrence Naff is a visual artist and jewelry designer based in Oklahoma City. Using decoden inspired techniques learned in Osaka, Japan, Naff creates glimmering mosaics by individually placing crystal rhinestones and gemstones on substrate.

"My designs are about building the painting as much as painting the painting...involving hours of construction." - Jason Wilson

Jason Wilson started creating art early in life with the influence of his mother to guide him. With his current style, he starts by developing his paintings on grid paper to scale. His desire is for his paintings to be so technically flawless and precise that they are stunning. Jason loves "tricking" the eye and creating color illusions inspired by quilts and the patterns found around him.

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