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Grace Steele Woodward

Grace Steele Woodward

“Mrs. Woodward’s “The Cherokees”…is one of the landmark books in Indian history in this country…and [has written] the finest account ever of Pocahontas…I assure you we do not find her like…often in America.”
Savoie Lottinville, 1968


Grace Steele Woodward was born and raised in Missouri and educated at Missouri University, the University of Oklahoma, and Teachers College at Columbia University. A champion basketball player and stage actress during her school days, Mrs. Woodward was a busy wife and mother when she was “bit by the bug” of writing. She became the celebrated author of many works, including The Cherokees, a work of the University of Oklahoma Press’s American Indian Series, Pocahontas, and the internationally recognized The Man Who Conquered Pain. She did all of her writing in longhand on a biscuit board while cooking “or whatever” and carried her manuscript and notes in a green laundry basket.

Fun fact

In 1974, Grace Woodward partnered with her attorney husband Guy in authoring The Secret of Sherwood Forest, a telling account of the vital and fascinating role that oil and Oklahoma’s petroleum industry played in the victories and defeats of World War II.

Oklahoma connections

Woodward was a graduate of the University of Oklahoma.









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