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Pauline McFarlin Walter

Pauline McFarlin Walter

“The McFarlin Family can be likened to a tree, with deep roots in Oklahoma life…it has borne fruit – its fruit being the spirit of giving. Pauline McFarlin Walter is continuing this great tradition.”
William H. Bell


Native Oklahoman Pauline McFarlin Walter graduated from Sara Lawrence College in New York City before marrying and, for many years, owning and operating the McFarlin Ranch near Inola, Oklahoma. During her lifetime she contributed both time and money to many charitable, religious, educational, medical, and civic projects. She was primarily responsible for the Children’s Medical Center, the Holland Hall Episcopal School’s upper campus, the St. Crispin’s Conference Center near Seminole, Oklahoma, the St. Simeon Home for the Aged, and the Chapman Graduate Center at Trinity University. With her sister she renovated the 30-room Tudor mansion, which functioned effectively as the cultural center of Tulsa, housing the Arts Council of Tulsa.

Fun fact

The Oklahoma Hall of Fame has inducted every member of Mrs. Walter’s birth family, including her sister, Leta Chapman, and her parents, Robert and Ida McFarlin.

Oklahoma connections

Walter was born in Norman, Oklahoma.




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