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Lutie Hailey Walcott

Lutie Hailey Walcott

“Lutie Hailey Walcott had a mission in the world and that mission was doing good for her fellow man. She brightened the lives of others.”
Guilda Davis


Lutie Hailey Walcott was born in Perryville, Indian Territory, and graduated with a B.A. degree from Baird’s College in Clinton, Missouri, in 1893. She was a charter member of the Ryonis Civic Club and served as president and national recording secretary general of the Oklahoma chapter of the Daughters of the Confederacy. She was voted honorary president general after attending 25 consecutive conventions of the organization.

Mrs. Walcott served under her father Dr. Daniel Hailey in the Confederate Pension Department in the state capital, and was commissioner of pensions under Governor Henry S. Johnston and Governor Robert S. Kerr. She was secretary of the department under Governor William J. Holloway.

Fun fact

Lutie Walcott’s father Daniel Hailey was his family’s sole survivor after a plague swept the Baton Rouge, Louisiana, area when he was very young. During the Civil War he served under General Stonewall Jackson in the Confederate Army.

Oklahoma connections

Walcott was born in Perryville, Indian Territory, in 1872.




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