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Mary Frances Troy

Mary Frances Troy

“The years have brought many changes from the little schoolhouse in the prairie to an academy in a big city; yet education is ever the same in that the principles must reach to the fiber of the child.”
Sister Mary Francis Troy, 1935


Sister Mary Frances Troy was born Margaret Ann Troy in Michigan in 1862 and entered the Sisters of Mercy in Illinois in 1883. She attended college at Creighton University in Nebraska before coming to Oklahoma Territory as a missionary and teacher to Native Americans across the area in 1884. She later joined the staff of Mount Saint Mary’s High School in Oklahoma City. It was here that her powerful educational, mission-minded commitment and dedication to young people proved to be among her most lasting legacies.

Photo provided by the Institute of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, Mercy Heritage Center, St. Louis Community Collection

Fun fact

Sister Mary Frances Troy was one of only five pioneer Sisters who came to Oklahoma in covered wagons to convert and teach the Native Americans.

Oklahoma connections

Troy came as a missionary and teacher to Native Americans in 1884.


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