Carol Daube Sutton

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Carol Daube Sutton

Carol Daube Sutton

“She declined several honors offered her through the years, preferring to give and to serve humbly…as she is continuing to do.”
Wm. A. McGalliard, 1975


Carol Daube Sutton was born in Ardmore to the pioneer merchant, rancher, and oilman Sam Daube, and graduated from Ardmore High School before attending the University of Wisconsin, a girl’s school at Northampton, Massachusetts, and graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 1922. She was a Kappa Kappa Gamma and supported OU for many years after her graduation. She financially supported many young African Americans to attend college and The Daube Department Store in Ardmore was always giving shoes and clothes to children who needed help while attending school.

Fun fact

Carol Sutton never pursued public honors. When she was voted into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame she refused to attend the ceremony, saying she felt she “had not done anything to merit” it.

Oklahoma connections

Sutton was born in Ardmore, Oklahoma, in 1899.




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