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“As a native Oklahoman, I am proud to be included in the Hall of Fame. I look upon this honor more as a challenge to live up ot in the future rather than for anything I have accomplished in the past.”
Jim Stovall, 2021


Native Oklahoman Jim Stovall is proud to be able to make his home and operate his global business enterprises in his hometown of Tulsa. Losing his sight in his twenties and realizing that his dream of playing professional football was not an option, Stovall discovered competitive weightlifting and completed his athletic career as a national champion Olympic weightlifter.

As founder and president of the Emmy Award-winning Narrative Television Network, Stovall adds soundtracks between the dialogue of movies, television, and educational programming to enhance and describe the experience for those with visual impairments. His first book, You Don’t Have to be Blind to See, recounted the story of losing his sight and launching his business. Today, as a highly sought-after author and platform speaker, Stovall’s scope of work includes more than 50 books, including his bestselling novel The Ultimate Gift which resulted in a major motion picture distributed by 20th Century Fox and starring the late James Garner. Eight of Stovall’s additional books also have been made into movies with others in production, including his novel Will to Win featuring the life, wit, and wisdom of Will Rogers.

Stovall writes a weekly syndicated column, appearing in newspapers, magazines, and online publications, that is read worldwide. He is featured weekly on a national radio show and another broadcast locally in Tulsa and northeast Oklahoma.

For his work in making television accessible to our nation’s 13 million blind and visually impaired, The President’s Committee on Equal Opportunity selected Stovall as the Entrepreneur of the Year. He has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes Magazine, USA Today, and has been seen on Good Morning America, CNN, and CBS Evening News. He also was chosen as the International Humanitarian of the Year, joining Jimmy Carter, Nancy Reagan, and Mother Teresa as recipients of this honor.

Fun fact

In June 2021, Stovall and his wife Crystal celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. Crystal is a transplanted New Yorker who is now a proud Oklahoman.

Oklahoma connections

Stovall was born and raised in Tulsa, where he has chosen to make his home, build his business, and create his future. He is proud of Oklahoma, Oklahomans, and the profound members of the Oklahoma Hall of Fame.




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