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John F. Snodgrass

John F. Snodgrass

“Being his daughter, I know personally the time he has devoted to making our life in Oklahoma better. He truly cares about leaving Oklahoma a better place for his children and grandchildren to grow up in.”
Sue Fernando, 1988


Oklahoma native John F. Snodgrass graduated from Ardmore High School and was educated at the University of Oklahoma (1949) and the University of Colorado, Graduate School of Banking. He was the owner and manager of Central Investment Company (1956-1969) before serving as Chairman of the Board and CEO, President and CEO, and Senior Executive Officer of Exchange National Bank and Trust Company of Ardmore (1969-1982). He was the President, Trustee, and CEO of The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, Inc. (1982-1992) and was named President Emeritus and Trustee of the company in 1992. Snodgrass was a rancher and served such civic organizations as the OU Foundation, State Chamber of Commerce, Kirkpatrick Center, and OG&E.

Fun fact

John Snodgrass served the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation in many capacities, including numerous Board of Directors committees. As Investment Committee Chairman, Snodgrass “keeps a watchful eye on the Foundation's financial interests” and was awarded the Distinguished Service Citation in 1995.

Oklahoma connections

Snodgrass was born in Ardmore, Oklahoma.









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