Inez Scott Lunsford Silberg

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Inez Scott Lunsford Silberg

Inez Scott Lunsford Silberg

“She has attracted and trained some of the finest operatic singers of our time. She has graduates in opera houses in almost every part of the western free world.”
Jerald Walker


Inez Silberg was born in Texas and graduated from the Kansas City Conservatory of Music and established her international career as an operatic soprano before coming to work in Oklahoma City. She was instrumental in building the Oklahoma City University Music Department and established many opera and performing arts organizations in the area. Former students included Leona Mitchell, Stephen Dickson, Chris Merritt, Sheila Smith, and Gwendolyn Jones. She also coached a number of Miss America winners including Jane Jayroe.

Fun fact

Before beginning her illustrious career as a voice teacher, Inez Silberg was a favored soloist with symphonies across the country and studied under many opera greats in New York City, Boston, San Francisco, Rome, and London.

Oklahoma connections

Silberg came to Oklahoma State University as a voice teacher in 1940 and Oklahoma City University in 1945.


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