Richard (Dick) L. Sias

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Richard (Dick) L. Sias

Richard (Dick) L. Sias

“Dick Sias has saved more cultural organizations than any other individual I can think of…[he] genuinely enjoys hands-on participation with the operations and the performances of these groups.”
George Seminoff, 1994


Richard L. “Dick” Sias was born in Kansas and graduated from the University of Kansas before earning his master’s degree in Spanish Literature from the National University of Mexico in 1952. He returned to KU to earn his law degree in 1954. Sias was appointed to the board of Mustang Fuel Corp. and named vice-chairman in 1981. He previously was group vice-president of production for Mustang Fuel Corp. and president of Mustang Production Co., a wholly owned subsidiary of Mustang Fuel. An enthusiastic volunteer and patron of the arts, Sias has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars and immeasurable amounts of time to support the arts in Oklahoma and around the nation and endowed a chair at Oklahoma City University to pay the salary of prominent teachers in the music field.

Fun fact

Mr. Sias has been interested in helping provide opportunity to minorities in the arts and was an early contributor to sending operatic soprano Leona Mitchell to an early audition at the Met.

Oklahoma connections

Sias came to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma as vice president of Mustang Energy Corp. in 1971.


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