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Irene Bowers Sells

Irene Bowers Sells

“Humility is a virtue, but with Mrs. Sells it was a way of life. Other people were far more important to her than her own life.”
Dorothy Dell Butler


Born and raised in Kansas, Irene Bowers Sells came to Oklahoma in 1893 and lived in Wynnewood and Pauls Valley before coming to Oklahoma City in 1899. She served briefly as society editor of the Oklahoma City Times-Journal in 1903, but resigned to marry Texas oilman Harry Fagin later that year. After their divorce in 1909, she married Clinton Sells before divorcing in 1916 and returning to Oklahoma City as Society Editor of numerous papers in the area throughout the rest of her life.

Fun fact

Irene Bowers Sells served as Society Editor longer than any other woman in Oklahoma journalism history – a period of 45 years – in turn for the Oklahoma City Times-Journal, the Oklahoma City Times, The Daily Oklahoman, The Oklahoma News, and the Oklahoma City Advertiser.

Oklahoma connections

Sells came to Indian Territory in 1893.


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