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Stephen M. Prescott, MD

Stephen M. Prescott, MD

Although this tremendous distinction is bestowed upon me, I am here as a representative of the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation. The work of our scientists has transformed and saved countless lives, and that achievement – signified by this honor – is something I and all Oklahomans can celebrate.
Stephen M. Prescott, MD., 2020


A self-professed Oklahoman by choice, Dr. Stephen M. Prescott joined the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation in 2006. His successes include: raising $100 million for the largest campus expansion in the foundation’s history, resulting in its Autoimmune Disease Institute’s recognition as one of ten Autoimmunity Centers of Excellence in the country by the National Institutes of Health; recruiting more than 40 scientists to help in the fight against a wide range of diseases, including the development of a trio of FDA-approved drugs used worldwide and, a diagnostic test being used for COVID-19. A noted author of more than 270 scientific articles, Prescott was a sought-after speaker and accomplished research scientist in his own right.  He was named Oklahoma Creativity Ambassador, Oklahoma’s Most Admired CEO by The Journal Record and Oklahoman of the Year by Oklahoma Magazine.

Fun fact

During a holiday gathering at a remote, snowbound family cabin, Dr. Prescott’s young nephew went into respiratory arrest, and Dr. Prescott saved his life by performing CPR and a tracheostomy on the kitchen counter.

Oklahoma connections

Dr. Prescott was the second scientist from the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation to be inducted into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame, joining the late Dr. Jordan Tang, who was inducted in 2008. Tang was presented for induction by Dr. Prescott.


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