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Daniel William Peery

Daniel William Peery

“It is doubtful if he ever rendered better service to the state than in the position of Secretary of the Oklahoma Historical Society…great additions were made to the already great stories of folklore, history, and exhibits in the archives of that great institution.”
Paul Nesbitt


Though Daniel William Peery was born in Missouri, he often heard his family talk about relatives who were teaching in the Indian Territory. Excited by tales of the boomer movement and the opening of the Unassigned Lands, Peery made the great Land Run to Oklahoma City in 1889 and became active as a politician in the area, where he joined several friends in organizing a local Democratic Club. Peery was soon elected to the Territorial Legislature in 1890 and later fought for removal of the state capital from Guthrie to Oklahoma City. Peery launched into the newspaper business when he moved to El Reno and founded the El Reno Globe. He played a role in organizing the Carnegie Townsite Company, where he later lived, and was among the founding members and served as secretary of the Oklahoma Historical Society. In 1920 he served as a delegate to the Democratic National Convention.

Fun fact

After he was elected to the Territorial Legislature in 1890, Daniel William Peery helped lead efforts to move the state capital of Oklahoma from Guthrie to Oklahoma City. Near the end of the debate, Peery narrowly escaped an angry mob of citizens who disputed the idea.

Oklahoma connections

Peery came to Oklahoma City in the Land Run of 1889.




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