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John Bruce Nichlos

John Bruce Nichlos

“I have only done what every man is supposed to do. I have a great love for nature – and my hobby is having lots of wholesome friends.”
John B. Nichlos, 1938


John Bruce Nichlos was born in New York and came to Oklahoma to work in the production of oil and gas in Chickasha, Oklahoma. He found great success in the field and became the president of the Oklahoma Gas Utilities Company, Little Nick Oil Company, Nichlos Royalty Company, and the Nichlos Oil and Drilling Company. A member of the board of directors of the Natural Gas Producers Corporation of Tulsa, Nichlos also served as president of the Chickasha Chamber of Commerce and the board of stewards of the Methodist Church of Chickasha. Mr. Nichlos was also the chairman of the board of directors of the First National Bank of Chickasha and was a member of the board of directors of the Oklahoma School of Religion.

Fun fact

John B. Nichlos was the chairman of a half-million dollar statewide drive to build the first Memorial Stadium and Field House for Oklahoma State University in Stillwater.

Oklahoma connections

Nichlos came to Chickasha, Oklahoma, around 1918.









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