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Zack Miller

“Everyone came to the 101 Ranch during those wonderful days; it was one continuous entertaining of guests, social, political, business leaders, writers, explorers, actors – the prominent men and women in every line.”
Corb Sarchet


Col. Zack T. Miller, the “swashbuckling cowman,” was born in Missouri just as his father was forming a mammoth cattle operation, the 101 Ranch, in northern Oklahoma along the Cherokee Strip in 1879. On vast acres of land leased from the government, Zack’s family developed one of the largest spreads in the country. It was here that one of the world’s wildest and most popular western shows was born as a large number of talented cowboys were eager to display their mastery over horses and cattle alike. While his father and brothers were building the show, Zack managed the beef ranch. His careful selection of cattle and sheep from around the world, and his meticulous attention to cross-breeding techniques, made Zack among the most prominent leaders in the improvement of meat quality and resistance to disease.

Fun fact

The 101 Ranch extended into Noble, Pawnee, Osage, and Kay counties in Oklahoma and included more than 101,000 acres. It had its own packing plant, dairy, newspaper, general store, and tannery.

Oklahoma connections

Miller was born in 1879, just as the famous 101 Ranch was being formed by his father in the Cherokee Strip in northern Oklahoma.


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