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Joseph White McBride

Joseph White McBride

“This is the story of Joe White McBride…a man whose struggle against poverty and other odds to win wealth and honor could have inspired Horatio Alger to add one more volume to his literary works for boys.”
William Finney, 1957


Joseph White McBride was born in Arkansas to a Methodist pastor of churches in Arkansas and Oklahoma. After graduating high school, he lived at Tipton, Oklahoma, and worked as a clerk in a retail store and as a civil engineer assistant. Mr. McBride entered Hendrix College in Arkansas and later attended the University of Oklahoma in 1923. He and his wife of three weeks, Clella, moved immediately to Oklahoma City after receiving his B.S. in Business Administration in 1928. After serving at posts at different papers throughout the area in the advertising department and as business manager, he met with James Nance, editor and publisher of the Walters Herald in 1934. In 1935 the men formed a partnership which, in 1960, consisted of five plants publishing eight newspapers, and one job printing plant. Mr. McBride was a regent of the University of Oklahoma for more than 22 years and even served as acting president of the university for a short time. Mr. McBride helped organize the Oklahoma State Health Association and the first Alumni Association for the O.U. School of Journalism and served as the first president of each group. Among many other honors, Mr. McBride was given the Distinguished Alumni Award of the University of Oklahoma and was named, posthumously, to the Newspaper Hall of Fame.

Fun fact

While at the University of Oklahoma, Mr. McBride leased a vacant lot and set up parking facilities to be used during football games. Thus, he operated the first commercial parking lot in the town of Norman.

Oklahoma connections

McBride lived in more than a dozen Oklahoma towns and graduated from Frederick High School in 1920.









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