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Ernest Lachman

“Physicians should practice in the conduct of their own life what they counsel their patients to do…medical school is the place to indoctrinate students accordingly.”
Dr. Ernest Lachman


A native of Germany, Dr. Ernest Lachman graduated from Breslau University Medical School in 1924. After a two-year internship at Rudolph Virchow Hospital in Berlin, he accepted a position as medical doctor at the University of Breslau and worked as a Resident in the departments of radiology, x-ray, and cancer at Rudolph Virchow Hospital. He served as Assistant Chief of radiology at the hospital from 1930 until 1933, when he took a position in the Anatomical and Clinic Studies Department of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons in Edinburgh, Scotland.

After completing post graduate work at the Mayo Clinic and Memorial Cancer Center, Dr. Lachman became a professor of anatomy at the University of Oklahoma Medical School (1934-1971). Throughout his career, he published numerous articles and served as an editor for such journals as The New Physician and Journal of the Oklahoma State Medical Association.

Fun fact

Dr. Lachman completed post-graduate studies in Berlin, Germany; Stockholm, Sweden; Edinburgh Scotland; Rochester, Minnesota; and New York, New York.

Oklahoma connections

Lachman came to the University of Oklahoma Medical School in 1934 as an assistant professor of anatomy.


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