Edward C. Joullian, III

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Edward C. Joullian, III

Edward C. Joullian, III

“Oklahoma is a better state because of the significant contributions made by these outstanding leaders in their respective fields. Their impact on the quality of life for all Oklahomans is profound.”
David Woods, 2004


Oklahoma native Edward C. Joullian, III, was educated at Oklahoma State University and served as a First Lieutenant, Commanding Officer of Petroleum Products Laboratory during the Korean Conflict. He served as president of the Gas Processor’s Association before becoming president and Chairman of the Board of Mustang Fuel Corporation and its subsidiaries. A director of several banks and large corporations in Oklahoma, Texas, and Arkansas, Joullian was also a trustee of Oklahoma Industries Authority of Oklahoma City and a member of the Oklahoma State Board of Public Accountancy. He has served with many civic organizations including the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce and State Fair of Oklahoma. He was also named to the OSU College of Engineering, Architecture, and Technology Hall of Fame in 1984.

Fun fact

Edward Joullian was the National President of the Boy Scouts of America and received many honors for his tireless support of the group, including the Distinguished Eagle Award (1971), Silver Bear Award (1973), Silver Antelope Award (1977), and the Silver Buffalo Award (1984).

Oklahoma connections

Joullian was born in Blackwell, Oklahoma.


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