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H. C. Jones

H. C. Jones

“Death ended nearly half a century of widespread service to Oklahoma…”
The Daily Oklahoman


Oklahoma native Henry Clifford “H. C.” Jones was born in a dugout on a Greer County farm. He received his education in public schools around Oklahoma before becoming a registered pharmacist and owner/operator of his own drug store in Carnegie for nearly 20 years. In 1933, Mr. Jones was appointed by President Roosevelt as Collector of Internal Revenue for the State of Oklahoma, where he served until 1951. During this period, he also made an unsuccessful run in the Democratic race for governor in 1946. In World War II he was state chairman of the War Savings Bond program for Oklahoma. In 1948, he was also named trustee of the Sand Springs Orphan Home Interests. Mr. Jones served as a director of both the Sand Springs and Tulsa Chambers of Commerce and was vice president of the Arkansas River Basic Development Association. At the time of his death, he was President of the Sand Springs State Bank, Sand Springs Textile Mill, Inc., and director of the Sand Springs Railway Company.

Fun fact

H.C. Jones worked his way through school as a soda jerk and owned his own pharmacy in Carnegie, Oklahoma, for 20 years before coming to the IRS.

Oklahoma connections

Jones was born in Mangum, Oklahoma Territory.


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