James (Jim) M. Hewgley, Jr.

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James (Jim) M. Hewgley, Jr.

James (Jim) M. Hewgley, Jr.

“Not many highly recommended businessmen would roll up their sleeves and get involved in the rough and tumble of politics, but Jim Hewgley did this as Mayor of Tulsa and served with great distinction.”
George H. W. Bush, 1984


James M. “Jim” Hewgley, Jr., was born in Tennessee, spent his boyhood in Oklahoma City, and graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 1938. He helped search for new oil fields in Oklahoma and other states until World War II, when he was in the U.S. Army Transportation Corps (1942-1946). Following the war, he returned to Tulsa and organized the Hewgley Oil Company. Elected Mayor of Tulsa in 1966, he served two terms and was responsible for a number of municipal changes. Grateful Tulsa citizens named a senior citizen retirement home in his honor. His community service spanned decades as he served on boards of the Dean A. McGee Eye Institute, Children’s Medical Center, and the Oklahoma Crime Commission.

Fun fact

Jim Hewgley was a lieutenant of the U.S. Army in World War II when he was placed in charge of leading U.S. Troops in Japan and was on the first U.S. ship to enter Tokyo harbor.

Oklahoma connections

Hewgley grew up in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.




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