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Charles Haskell

“Charles N. Haskell possessed the very highest order of executive ability. Whether as governor of a state, builder of a railroad or head of a corporation he perceived the essentials and vigorously pressed activities to accomplishment.”
Paul Nesbitt


Charles N. Haskell was born in Ohio in 1860 and became a lawyer before ultimately settling in Muskogee, Oklahoma, in 1901 where he worked in the construction of new homes and hotels, the city’s street car and interurban lines, and railroads across the area. He founded the New State Tribune and was a chief organizer and delegate to the state’s Constitutional Convention. His administration began November, 1907, with Statehood and concluded in January, 1911. He then returned to Muskogee and organized a railway company in March of 1911 before beginning construction of a trolley line from Muskogee to Fort Gibson. Haskell was widely successful when he later organized an oil company and built a railroad from Jennings, Oklahoma, to the Cushing oil filed in 1914.

Fun fact

Governor Haskell often worked twenty hours a day and is “the man who ordered the state seal and the seat of government [for Oklahoma] moved from Guthrie to Oklahoma City.” In 1908 he headed the Oklahoma delegation to the National Democratic Convention at Denver and served as William Jennings Bryan’s spokesman in writing the Convention’s platform. Haskell County, in eastern Oklahoma, was named in his honor in 1908.

Oklahoma connections

Haskell settled in Muskogee, Oklahoma, in 1901.









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