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S. Prince Freeling

“I would rather be mistaken than to fail to be friendly to someone who needs it worse than I.”
Prince Freeling


General Sargent Prentiss Prince Freeling was born in Tennessee and attended Southwestern Baptist University in Jackson, Tennessee, before graduating from Harvard University in 1899. He came to Shawnee, Oklahoma, in 1900 to practice law and was appointed deputy Pottawatomie County attorney (1901-1907). He was elected Oklahoma’s Attorney General (1914-1922) and was a highly regarded statesman and outstanding speaker throughout his life.

Fun fact

In 1922 Prince Freeling took charge of the Red River bed litigation, which ultimately established the southern boundary of Oklahoma as being the south bank of the Red River. The U.S. Government later intervened to establish its right from the middle of the stream to the south bank.

Oklahoma connections

Freeling was admitted to the Oklahoma Bar in 1900 and practiced law in Shawnee.


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