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F. Roger Hardesty

The old Charley Pride song 'Oklahoma Morning' sums it up with the lyric, 'that Oklahoma morning puts the sunshine in my smile.' Oklahoma is ingrained in me. It is part of my soul and essence. From the people, to the farms and smells of oil rigs, I am only an Okie. I have never been or aspired to be anything else.
F. Roger Hardesty, 2022


From Fort Cobb, Roger Hardesty is the founder and president of The Hardesty Company. A diversified real estate developer and builder who began making his mark on Tulsa in 1959, Hardesty began his career in concrete finishing, expanded to single-family homes, followed by multi-family housing units, industrial buildings, commercial retail centers, office buildings, and hotels. With an entrepreneurial spirit he developed, built, leased, and managed more than 30,000 multi-family units in his career, beginning with 19 units in 1964.  

Hardesty owned and operated Mid-Continent Concrete, the largest ready-mix concrete operation in northeast Oklahoma and northwest Arkansas. He also founded and operated over 25 different business ventures including Alliance Transportation, Bizjet International, and the Quarry Landfill. Inspired by a love of flying, Hardesty founded United States Aviation in 1987. Today, the Hardesty Family owns and operates one of the country's premier independent Fixed Base Operator facilities, worldwide aircraft charter services, and Black Hawk helicopter air crane businesses. As a pilot, Hardesty has logged in excess of 15,000 flight hours with 21 Jet ATP type ratings including the Gulfstream G550, Northrop F-5A and F-5B, and a Sikorsky Black Hawk helicopter. He also has performed in selective air shows and television commercials in his Northrop F-5A.

In 2005, Hardesty and his wife Donna established The Hardesty Family Foundation with a focus on Tulsa area nonprofits. He credits his wife, daughters Debbie and Michelle, and grandsons Paul, Alex, and Connor as his greatest inspirations.

Fun fact

I have traveled the world and there are few places I have not been. I’ve been to every state in the US. The only place I have not traveled is to Antarctica. I hold an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) license and operated a Transport Category multi-engine jet aircraft at most all major airports in the world. I hold 21 type ratings and flown over 15,000 hours.

Oklahoma connections

My gratitude is immense for the great people of Oklahoma like King Kirchner, Mike Case, Becky Dixon, and John Nickel, and many more who have constantly inspired and encouraged me in business and philanthropy.






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