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Michael D. Case

"Sometimes people say that OSU has T. Boone Pickens, and TU's got Mike D. Case, but I'm not T. Boone Pickens. I'm Slim Pickens."
Michael D. Case


With the exception of four years spent in northwest Arkansas, Tulsa has always been Mike Case’s home. While attending Pea Ridge High School in Arkansas, he was a multi-sport athlete. Case’s athletic talent landed him a football scholarship to Northeastern Oklahoma A&M. Upon graduation, Case and his girlfriend of four years married, moved to Tulsa and began building their own family. To support his family, Case went to work for a Tulsa real estate developer. He started at the lowest position possible in the company. During his 14-year tenure at the company, he worked his way up to executive vice president and was in charge of operating all real estate owned by the company. This included more than 20,000 apartments, numerous shopping centers and several office buildings. Case began his own company, Case & Associates, in 1983 with four employees and no owned real estate. He now owns property in 14 cities across the country. He credits the company’s success to their commitment to customer service and surrounding himself with honest, hardworking professionals.

Fun fact

Michael Case's mother would not let him build a house for her. So he didn't. He waited for her to go on vacation and did an extreme makeover to her home and had the entire house remodeled by the time she returned.

Oklahoma connections

Case was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma.








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