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Cassius M. Cade

Cassius M. Cade

“There are few men in the state better known for substantial activities and broad influence exerted continuously since the original opening of Oklahoma Territory to settlement.”
Pendleton Woods


Born in Ohio, Cassius M. “Cash” Cade taught school in his home state until the pioneer spirit pressed him to establish a farm in Nebraska and then in the Black Hills of South Dakota in 1877. He came to Kansas in 1879 and was the first mayor of Coldwater, Kansas, in 1884. At the opening of the territory in Oklahoma on April 22, 1889, Cade was among the first homesteaders in Lisbon, now Kingfisher, and he was the town’s first acting mayor. He later moved his family to Shawnee, Oklahoma, in 1894 and worked for the Railway Company. He was the Republican State Chairman from 1902 to 1904 and served as campaign manager for Bird McGuire in his election to Congress in 1902. He served as Republican National Committeeman (1904-1912) and was appointed to the Oklahoma State Board of Public Affairs (1930-1935).

Fun fact

Cassius Cade was the last Republican National Committeeman for Oklahoma Territory (1904-1908) and the first Republican National Committeeman for the State of Oklahoma (1908-1912).

Oklahoma connections

Cade came to Kingfisher, Oklahoma, in the Land Run of 1889.




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