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Joseph Blatt

“In all human history no greater tragedy can be found than the centuries-old misunderstanding between Christian and Jew; a tragedy affecting not only the Jew but the understanding Christian, as well.”
Rabbi Joseph Blatt


Rabbi Joseph Blatt was born in 1878 in Ohio and earned his degree and title of rabbi in 1901. After several years as the rabbi of a temple in Georgia, he came to Oklahoma City in 1906. In 1908 Temple B’Nai Israel was built. Later in 1927, the Temple Center adjoining the Temple was completed to provide room for the congregation of approximately 700. Beginning in 1915 he taught a part-time course in the Oklahoma School of Religion in Norman in conjunction with the University of Oklahoma. He was a leader in the civic arena in Oklahoma City, as well as throughout Oklahoma.

Fun fact

Rabbi Blatt’s congregation elected him its minister for life, and he also served as the dean of Oklahoma City ministers.

Oklahoma connections

Blatt came to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, in 1906 as the young rabbi of Temple B’Nai Israel.


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