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K. S. Adams

Although not a native, ‘Boots’ Adams spent his working life in Oklahoma and was tremendously proud of his adopted State. His dynamic personality and leadership…brought many outstanding accomplishments to his endeavors and added much to our State’s colorful history.'
John Houchin, 1975


Kenneth Stanley “Boots” Adams was only 38 years old when he assumed the presidency of Phillips Petroleum Company, one of the nation’s giants in the oil industry. He first served in the company as a warehouse clerk when he came to Bartlesville in 1920 and soon was named assistant to the operations manager of the production department. He then transferred to accounting and became president of the company in 1938, when Frank Phillips decided to become less active in direct management of the company. Adams’ World War II record was remarkable, particularly in the fields of synthetic rubber and aviation gasoline. In 1951, he was chairman of the board of Phillips and served in the role until his retirement in 1968.

Fun fact

K.S. Adams organized the famous Phillips 66 basketball team in 1920 and played on the first 4 squads. Later, he was elected to the Helms Foundation Amateur Basketball Hall of Fame.

Oklahoma connections

Adams joined Phillips Petroleum Company in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, as a warehouse clerk in 1920.









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