Stephen M. Prescott

A self-professed Oklahoman by choice, Dr. Stephen M. Prescott joined the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation in 2006. His successes included: raising $100 million for the largest campus expansion in the foundation’s history, resulting in its Autoimmune Disease Institute’s recognition as one of ten Autoimmunity Centers of Excellence in the country by the National Institutes of Health; recruiting more than 40 scientists to help in the fight against a wide range of diseases, including the development of a trio of FDA-approved drugs used worldwide and, a diagnostic test being used for COVID-19. A noted author of more than 270 scientific articles, Prescott was a sought-after speaker and accomplished research scientist in his own right. Prescott is a Member of the Oklahoma Hall of Fame, inducted in 2020, just before his passing.

Hall of Fame Inductee

Stephen M. Prescott
was inducted into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame in

Recent Publications


The Last Amateur: The Life of Charlie Coe

Charlie Coe was an outstanding golfer whose career was unknown until after his passing. Dr. Stephen M. Prescott wrote a book about Coe's life with the help of his widow and sons, as well as interviews with golfers and friends. The book is titled "The Last Amateur: The Life of Charlie Coe" and is available for readers to enjoy.