Raymond L. Vaughn, Jr.

Raymond L. Vaughn, Jr. received a B.A. degree from Oklahoma Christian University in 1970 and a Juris Doctorate degree from Oklahoma City University School of Law in 1976. He has practiced law in Oklahoma County for more than 30 years. He was a member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives from 1988 through 2004, during which time he served four years as Assistant Minority Floor Leader and was appointed by Governor Frank Keating as Chairman of the Governor’s Task Force on Tobacco and Youth. Vaughn has served as the Oklahoma County Commissioner since 2007. Vaughn resides in Edmond with his wife, Suzanne.

Hall of Fame Inductee

Raymond L. Vaughn, Jr.
was inducted into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame in

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More Than a Coach: Remembering the Life of Ray Vaughn

Raymond Lawson Vaughn was an educator and coach who had a lifelong commitment to excellence and achievement. He influenced thousands of athletes, two of whom represented their country in the International Summer Olympic Games. His devotion to his Christian faith and those he came in contact with is evidenced through their memories of his dedication.