Pati Hailey

Pati Hailey was born in San Francisco, California, but has lived most of her life in Oklahoma. She writes both fiction and non-fiction and has published articles in newspapers and magazines, including Cricket and Hopscotch. Her first book for children was Te Ata: Oklahoma Cultural Treasure.

Hailey is an Instructional Designer who has written curriculum for large corporations and lesson plans for educational publishers. A seasoned editor, she currently provides editorial services for individuals and companies that includes editing online content, instructional materials, and works-in-progress of writers seeking to improve their manuscripts.

Hall of Fame Inductee

Pati Hailey
was inducted into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame in

Recent Publications


Te Ata: Oklahoma Cultural Treasure, I Am Oklahoma Children's Series

Te Ata was concerned that the traditions of Native Americans would be forgotten, so she used her acting talent to show the beauty and wisdom of their cultures. She helped to change attitudes towards Native Americans and was honored by Oklahoma with induction into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame and being named the first Oklahoma Cultural Treasure.