Marshall Snipes

Marshall Snipes is an insurance executive who lives in Oklahoma City.  He has chaired and managed many political campaigns, including the successful Mickey Edwards’ campaigns for Congress in the 1970s.  He has held many positions in the Republican Party, including chair of the Oklahoma County Republican Party. He received gubernatorial appointments from both Henry Bellmon and Frank Keating. Snipes is active in many civic and charitable organizations in the Oklahoma City area.

Hall of Fame Inductee

Marshall Snipes
was inducted into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame in

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Fighter, Founder Father

Al Snipes came to Oklahoma City in 1946 and has remained there ever since. He has been involved in many aspects of the city, from boxing in the 1940s to the formation of Oklahoma City Community College in the 1970s. His story is one of vision, passion, tenacity, and energy, making a lasting impact on his community and state.