Larry A. Lewis

Larry A. Lewis, born in Oklahoma City, graduated from Oklahoma State University and Georgetown University Law Center. For 44 years he has served as an attorney representing public school districts in Oklahoma and authored several books about education law for school administrators.

With a deep appreciation for the rich history of Oklahoma, his first history book, Struggles in a New State: The 1910 Journey of the Abernathy Boys as a Framework of the Political Issues and Societal Changes in Oklahoma, was released in 2009.  He thoroughly enjoyed the years spent researching and writing Oklahoma Adjusts to War, in hope that the efforts Oklahomans gave to the national cause in 1942 will never be forgotten.

Lewis makes his home in Midwest City with his wife Loreta.

Hall of Fame Inductee

Larry A. Lewis
was inducted into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame in

Recent Publications


Oklahoma Adjusts to War: 1942—The Critical Year

World War II had a significant impact on Oklahoma, requiring citizens to make sacrifices and adjustments to their everyday lives. These included transforming fur garments into jackets, donating meat fats and rubber items for military supplies, and regrooving old phonograph records for servicemen. This book recounts the story of how Oklahoma civilians faced the challenges of 1942 and helped defeat the enemies.