Kurt Leichter

Kurt Leichter was born in Vienna, Austria and was forced to leave at the age of 14 at the start of the invasion by the Third Reich. In adulthood, he established a jewelry store, Treasures, Inc., in Oklahoma City and became involved in many community organizations like Masons, Habitat for Humanity, Crime stoppers, International Photography Hall of fame, and many more. He made his life here, became a United States citizen, and has called Oklahoma his home for seven decades. Kurt has left an enormous philanthropic footprint throughout Oklahoma and continues to support many charities. He is a trustee Emeritus at Oklahoma City University.

Hall of Fame Inductee

Kurt Leichter
was inducted into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame in

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On God's Polishing Wheel

Kurt Leichter was born in Vienna, Austria to a Jewish-Protestant family. His family was forced to separate due to the Third Reich, and his father and grandfather secured a family in America to take him in. This is just one of the millions of stories of this horrific period in world history.