Jane McKellips

Jane McKellips lived in Oklahoma all her life. After receiving her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Elementary Education from Southwestern Oklahoma State University, she was an elementary school teacher for four years. Then she began working as a piano teacher and freelance writer. Her favorite hobbies were reading (usually mysteries), cooking, and playing the piano.

McKellips authored two titles for Oklahoma Hall of Fame Publishing—Bill Wallace: Author of Adventure and Animal Stories and Dust Storm.

Hall of Fame Inductee

Jane McKellips
was inducted into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame in

Recent Publications


Dust Storm

During the 1930s, a period of severe drought and sandstorms known as the Dust Bowl struck the Southwest and central plains, particularly Oklahoma. Clara is an eleven-year-old girl living on an Oklahoma farm during this time, who is crippled from polio. When her parents are in town, a ferocious dust storm strikes the family farm and Clara must work fast to save Billy, the farm animals, and herself from peril.

Bill Wallace: Author of Adventure and Animal Stories, I Am Oklahoma Children's Series

Bill Wallace was an award-winning author of children's books known worldwide for his adventurous stories. He wrote a total of 38 books, 7 of which were co-written with his wife Carol. He was an entertaining speaker who tried to answer every letter he received from his fans.